Update: Pressgram is out of commission now. However, the post is still worth reading in the ownership of photos and works debate and thinking.

Pressgram is more than a photo, filter app. It combines the power of great photo filters and publishes to WordPress blog / site.

This is great because I get the page views for my photos, which I’ve been carelessly “giving” to Instagram and Facebook, on my blog. Every publisher’s dream.

Not only that, Facebook (Instagram’s daddy) told me and 1 billion odd other people that they were going to use my photos however they wanted. That just isn’t cool for me.

Pressgram is a free app unlike all other free apps. It has no in-app ads. John Saddington, the creator of Pressgram is going off on a very creative funding model.

Being privileged to back Pressgram on Kickstarter, I’m a witness to the community that is already committed to the app. With that I am convinced it will work.

Pressgram enables bloggers to share photos directly to their blogs. You can also use the app without publishing to your blog too.

I’m done with giving away my moments and art to Facebook and others who only care about making money off me. There is nothing wrong with that if you’re OK with it. That’s you. Not me.

Also, it’s Facebook’s platforms and they can do what they want with them. I’m choosing to move stuff I create to my house so I can call my shots about my content.

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Pressgram is about refusing to be subject to privacy policies that are changed more often than some change their socks. It is about taking ownership of the content I create through my lenses and making sure it is mine.

Pressgram, beyond the app is about being heretic. Dissenting against the status quo. It is about not bowing down to being used as a pawn for share prices etc.

Pressgram is the start of a revolution, dissension that is long overdue. It is about people doing things that matter taking control for their work and deciding how to use it without being subject to someone else’s whims.

The era of people wanting control and complete say about what happens with their stuff is just being ushered by Pressgram.

If you care deeply about what you create…

If you believe it is time for a revolt then this app is also for you. My username is, wait for it: blessing

Let’s connect and do things that matter with our publishing ;-)

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