Pressgram V2.0 – Mind Blasting

Pressgram V2.0 is sick! What a great app. Loving the hard work John Saddington has out into it.

Powerful publishing tool. Loving the extras; I’m yet to explore all the features. Getting a handle of the app before going premium, which is something I’m
Most definitely doing…

I’ll be doing a post on my take / experience and I can already hint: it’s going to be about how insane this app is! Love it!

Three Hundred And Six

Whoa! I just realized I’ve pressed of three hundred images on Pressgram.

I’ve used Pressgram from day it was available to everyone. (I guess imagining myself using it after contributing on Kickstarter doesn’t count)

I use it a lot (doh!) because it is a tool that aligns with want I want in an app. Great, user-focused, I own my photos and it enables something I’m passionate about: blogging.

I’ve even started a photoblog:

@Pressgram @ DiscoverPress

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My #PGFF on @Pressgram >> @ivcky

Pressgram #PGFF @ivcky

I love the way Pressgram is growing and it is inspiring to see the development of the app, community and philosophy all at once. I’m also excited about Follow Friday on Pressgram aka #PGFF.

My #PGFF goes out to ivcky. ivcky is a  Toronto / Vancouver based freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

Her Pressgram handle is @ivcky. She’s a great illustrator and great “doodler story-teller”.

Check out her website and store at VCKY.CA

If you’re on Pressgram, who do you recommend?

Calling Pressgramers In South Africa

If you’re using Pressgram in South Africa leave your username in the comments below. I will follow you and see how we can connect.

I’m looking to get something going on the 4th of October, for the Pressgram Global Party in the Johannesburg / Gauteng area as well as building our community of Pressgramers.

Whether in Joburg or not , let’s connect. We are still able to do other awesome things. ;-)

Let’s get word out about the revolution. RSVP Here.

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Published via Pressgram