Twitter Goes Public? Eish…

3 thoughts on “Twitter Goes Public? Eish…”

  1. I think it’s a good move given the culture at Twitter to keep users in mind first. ALso, I see it as less of a risk when compared to Facebook because Twitter as a platform is fractional in terms of size.

    Also, brands are well aware of the value Twitter brings to their business – this was not the case with Facebook. For example: BMW wants to reach a specific market, so they create a Facebook profile and gear content appropriately. In turn, anyone particularly interested in BMW would likely “Like” their Facebook page, and this takes aways the need to pay Facebook for targeted advertising, which before OpenGraph, was still “wall-gardenned” to Facebook and its applications.

    Its easier to take notice of Twitter’s value proposition, and thus its easier for potential investors to make decisions. Just my thoughts.

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