Besides being a tribe, Zulu is the name of the langugage. It is one of the languages spoken most in South Africa. Most of the people who speak Zulu are in the Kwazulu Natal province.

As with many languages, it evolves. You might find that Zulu spoken in Johannesburg may have words or phrases picked up from other cultures and languages. Zulu spoken in Kwazulu Natal is likely to be less tainted. However, it is not so different that commmunication cannot taken place. Depending on your attitude, language can a barrier or bridge.

One of the best ways to cross cultural barriers and be citizen of the world is to learn a langugage. You don’t necessarily need to master it, but learning and sepaking a little of it warms the hearts of those you engage.

Learning a little a language could help you win over the heart of someone who speaks it. Who knows, it might save you one day. There’s no harm in learning little phrases; you have more to gain than lose. Learning to speak someone’s language says:

  • “I want to communicate with you…”
  • “Connecting with you is not an afterthought…”
  • “I’m willing to enter your world…”
  • “I’m interested in you…”
  • “I see you…”

Wouldn’t the world be better if we chose to find little ways to build bridges? From learning a language and talking to each other… You could ask poeple about their world, by so doing you also invite them into your world. When we see how different and similar we are, we’re more mindful and the world becomes a better place.

I could share the typical greetings etc. but I thought it would be fun to learn this instead. So, here are some Zulu phrases:

Here: La

There: Le

Sleep: Lala

Sleep here: Lala la

Sleep there: Lala le

Listen: Lalela

Listen here: Lalela la

Sleep over there: Lalela le

Listen here, sleep over there: Lalela la, lalela le

Zulu 101 for my non-Zulu speaking friends. Simple, right?

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