Why I’ll Be Doing Pressgram’s 365 Challenge

4 thoughts on “Why I’ll Be Doing Pressgram’s 365 Challenge”

  1. Like the blog and your photoblog as well… I’ve also accepted the challenge, not by using Pressgram everyday, but yes to blogging once a day. At least a little something. Will keep visiting you! 2014 is your year of change and conquer. #SiSePuede

      1. So the blog is at: http://www.JorgeSilvestrini.com it is more and more going in spanish than anything else but, I’ve got some things in english as well… Hope you like it.

        I am also using Standard but changed the theme a bit to use only one column. Might go back to something closer to yours with a Google Badge on the widgets and a different background. Hopefully soon!

        1. cool. will check out your blog and perhaps use Google translate… standard is a brilliant theme, hope WooThemes does some great stuff with it going forward…

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