In case you don’t know already, I’m crazy about Pressgram. If you don’t know what Pressgram is, where have you been and you can find out more here.

I’ve used Pressgram here on this blog and this one and this one as well as this one. Because I’m an iPhone photographer, Pressgram is what I use to publish to Freeze Frame, my photo blog.

One of the coolest Pressgram challenges ever, is the 2014 one. Dubbed the Pressgram 365 Challenge (doh!), the idea is to publish at least one thing everyday in 2014.

I’ve used Pressgram for publishing photos to my blogs and short form blogging. It’s been a great app for mixing my blogging up. I even started a photoblog, with Pressgram as a catalyst…


Why I’m Doing The Challenge

My reasons are not complicated. Not even deep. I’m tempted to say, “The question should be why shouldn’t I do it?” As in, it is a no-brainer, we all must do this challenge. But I’ll give reasons for those that need them anyways…


I’m doing it for the challenge. Ha! The thing is, we hardly accomplish much unless we force the discipline out of ourselves. I’m not doing it to make myself suffer but to teach myself focus in order to grow.

One of the determinants on whether I pursue or do something is the challenge in it. I tend to shy from things that either have little or no challenge for me.

I’m that guy who can just do things just for the challenge…

What else will I be doing in 2014 that stretches me? More later…

Do some of the endeavours or prospects you have in sight have just the right challenge to grow you?


I journal. (I use DayOne a great Mac App). The Challenge will be another way for me to, in a sense, journal publicly. It is a means to journal using images. It will mean capturing things that made an impression either for their sheer beauty or something learn with. One of the ways I’ll use the challenge is a means to slow down to appreciate the spectacular.


Blogging in general, is one way of keeping track of my growth. Understanding how my thought processes change and their impact on my worldview. The challenge will make a part of that process.

The challenge will be a nice addition to the mix.


I’m one of the Discover Pressgram contributors. One of the reasons I decided to be a part is because I’m passionate about online publishing and complete control and rights to your own work. Being a part of the challenge is another way to make the already great Pressgram community even greater.

What new thing will you be doing in 2014 to be a part of something bigger than you? I have something to share, and again, more on that later…

My Pressgram username: @blessing


These are just a few reasons why I’m taking part of the … Will you be a part? Why or why not?

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  1. Like the blog and your photoblog as well… I’ve also accepted the challenge, not by using Pressgram everyday, but yes to blogging once a day. At least a little something. Will keep visiting you! 2014 is your year of change and conquer. #SiSePuede

      1. So the blog is at: it is more and more going in spanish than anything else but, I’ve got some things in english as well… Hope you like it.

        I am also using Standard but changed the theme a bit to use only one column. Might go back to something closer to yours with a Google Badge on the widgets and a different background. Hopefully soon!

        1. cool. will check out your blog and perhaps use Google translate… standard is a brilliant theme, hope WooThemes does some great stuff with it going forward…