I also blog for your greatness. This sounds rather arrogant. But it isn’t. One of the things that bloggers in the recent past have done is preach the message of “blogging for themselves”. I’ve done some of that. I’ve spoken about blogging for myself. Not a lot, but strongly. (Check out that post here.)

Something to note is that the truth is to be held in tension. If I also didn’t blog for other people, that is, you, then I wouldn’t publish. I wouldn’t bother making my work public. That is my work would stay locked in a journal. But it is not. I publish online because I also want others’ lives and leadership enriched.

To some it may be arrogant to think that I see myself as some resource or enabler of greatness of people. Who decided that? What qualifies me?

Experience has taught me that I can learn from everyone. I can learn from leaders who have walked a longer and tougher road than I have. With that I have also had the privilege to hear those seasoned leaders, who have not closed their minds from further learning, say, “I’ve learnt something from you, thank you”.

As much as we can learn from others, they can learn from us. One of the reasons I blog is to help people make different mistakes from the ones I’ve made. There is a problem with “What would you have done differently” but there is also wisdom that must never be flippantly dismissed.

Blogging for oneself has been overstated and not held in tension with blogging for others [Click to Tweet]

Because I’m wondering if I spoke too strongly about blogging for myself I do need to counterbalance: I also blog for your greatness. I want to be part of something bigger than myself. I want to give to endeavours that help define and make the world a greater place. I dare to believe I can change the world, and this is one of the ways I can. Simple; practical.

I blog because I want people to make mistakes that I haven’t made. I don’t want people to make the mistakes I’ve made. I’m more than willing to pay other people’s “dumb tax”.

I can try to inspire people to live and lead, to dare greatly for the good of others. Living and leading, when done well enriches others and one of the by-products of that is fulfilment on the part of those who give. That is one of the reasons I blog.

Bloggers, besides your personal benefit, why do you blog? If you don’t blog I would love your thoughts on blogging and bloggers anyway ;-)

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