Capacity is often a perception issue. Sometimes leaders think they can’t do certain things. They feel restricted.

This is because they haven’t seen the hidden potential or capacity.

There is always potential. There challenge is identifying where it lies.

Some organizations have more capacity than they realize.

One of the things that helps leaders and organizations realize what else they’re are a capable of is allowing someone looking from the outside in to tell them what they see.

Organizations and leaders can get pigeonholed by virtue of staying in familiar environment for a while.

Leader, when was the last time you stopped to consider what else you were capable of with what you have?

Asking that question could just be the difference between your next innovation and stagnation.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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  1. True that. I’m actually trying to explore the capacity that lies within the youth group leadership as a whole. Being a sure-shooter can be risky sometimes. Having a different perception, super!

    1. one of the ways of trying to identify what other capacity you have is ask the people you have on your team / group what it is they see potential for… also think about getting someone from the outside to look in and tell you what they see. it’s great leadership to be thinking about such things. well done ;-)