My present roles has me doing hard resets at a seeming jarring rate. (I’m loving it!)

The challenge is flipping between abstract / conceptual / “artistic” to concrete and tangible on varied and numerous projects all at the same time.

This has forced me to pay attention to what I need to do to “stay in the game” in all aspects of the scope of my responsibilities.

I discover that the walks I sometimes take to shift my minds focus, works and then not.

The challenge of productivity is knowing when your internal, mental space is at the threshold of a block.

Frustration results when we try to push through “that point” of saturation. The thing to do at that point is to find your reset.

Never make the mistake of thinking you need to push harder when what you need to do is disengage and check-in again.

That is not into healthy for you as a leader (it whatever your role is) but also your enterprise.


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