Just came out of a hectic few days. Again, something I’ve been working through:

How to keep “rebooting” myself after an intense-ish period of output, and be even more creative and productive.

Every leader must be in touch with themselves to deal with this question. This means also being a student of oneself.

It means every leader must know what draws out of him and what not only replenishes but enables further success and flourishing.

Knowing what drains you can help you, as a leader to steer from it. That knowledge can help you put measures in place to make sure it doesn’t affect you in such a way that you take too long to recover or affects your productivity in the long-term.

What you want to focus on, especially in those times of intense-ish output demands is what fuels you as you work, while enabling you to thrive in the long term.

Leader, lead yourself.

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  1. You gave me some new thought. I think the rebooting process, gets even hectic when one starts recalling how the past days have been. If they’ve been off schedule then, the rebooting will likely be clouded with lots of complaints. Rebooting should just energize for next tasks