At the disposal of every leader are things he trades for the function and or purpose of leadership. It is how a leader wields these tools or means that determines his success and the success of his organisation.

Language is one those things: a currency of leadership. It is in what a leader says that not only defines him as a leader but also what is spoken throughout his enterprise. The language he initiates and tolerates defines more than just communication but character.

The things that are commonly spoken, those things that are echoed constantly and consistently are those things that will be strengthened. Those things will be preeminent.

A significant feature of any culture is language. Part of defining and understanding culture is about understanding its language and intrinsic nuances. Every organisation has or at least should have clearly defined values.

Those values are culture drivers, requiring a particular language to not only give them life but also enable organisations to flourish.

Thus in speaking, leaders say who they, as an enterprise and paint the picture everyone should aspire to. Through language identity is established.

When leaders don’t say exactly who they are as an organisation, they leave it open to anyone’s interpretation. Need I say the extent of how this is undesirable and must be fought against and avoided.

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Leaders also need to inspire fluency of their language unique. Leaders are culture custodians. This means they teach and or model to their organisation how to speak. By how they lead and live they tell everyone else how to speak.

What is spoken about the most will determine what is focused on. This means no leader can afford to be flippant in their communication. It means that the leader must always determine what is spoken about and the manner in which it is spoken about.

Leader, craft your language. Take note of critical moments in the life-cycle of your enterprise and craft pertinent communication. Both what you say and how say communicate and define something.

Language | The Currency Of Leadership. Think it through and trade it well.

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