On Leadership And Hope

‘Hope’ is one of those things that is likely to be listed as critical for leaders’ arsenal. Though intangible, without it there’s little reason for action. Without hope, there will eventually be no enterprise. Every leader needs hope. He has to be full of hope.

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Didn’t Look Like It At The Beginning, But…

Day started out overcast and misty. Look at what it has turned out to be!

A reminder: never conclude till the conclusion. Because there are many determinants and variables, never draw conclusions too soon.

This makes patience and hope of the essence. Hope says, “it can and will get better”. Patience says, “don’t quit, hang on, keep at it”

When things don’t look favorable don’t rob yourself of a still possible great outcome. Be patient. Hope.

Explore ways to influence the outcome. Sometimes possibilities outcomes are only as limited as our patience and hope.

What do you expect? What might you be short-circuiting by not being patient and hopeful?

Have you allowed seeming and or real circumstances to say your “No” for you? Wait, hope and explore.

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The Nature Of True Hope

We’ve been desperate for rain and finally the clouds gather.

I was hoping for rain, until I thought about the farmers I’m neighbors with. Now they had true hope for rain.

The thing is, hope is not just holding your breath. Hope is being prepared for what you hope for.

Not planning for what you hope for is nothing but a day-dream. When your “rain” comes will you be ready for it?

You really haven’t hoped until you’ve prepared. The nature of true hope is preparation.