Everyone has a default. There are certain ways we are. Just are… I know of some of my strengths and at the same time my shortcomings are obvious. There are activities I naturally gravitate toward. And, there are things I dance around as I psych myself to “get to them”.

This is not anything you’re not aware of. However, it is always healthy to keep them in sight.

Because we’re not all wired the same, our approaches and comfort zones are not the same. This is especially true for healthy teams.

Healthy teams are riddled yet comfortable with tension arising from the varied dispositions of its members [Click to Tweet]

Thus, every team member will find some aspect of the enterprise and processes boring. No matter how well you’re able to work in your strengths you have to be make some concessions for your shortcomings. Don’t ignore them completely or spend a lot of time on them.

What you must do, is make space and attend to the boring things. Attend to your shortcomings by leaning into the strengths of others on your team. Be intentional about not overlooking or dismissing the boring.

Downplaying the boring but important stuff will be the demise of your mission [Click to Tweet]

The challenge of life and leadership is to take everything that enables success seriously. That is the uncomfortable, unbearable, boring, mundane and unpreferred.

Every growing person, leader and enterprise must have its asparagus. Asparagus is one of my least favourite things, but I know it has nutrients that I would benefit from greatly (or does it? :D).

To help you deal with resentment for what you don’t like focus more on the desired outcome. Don’t compromise your mission because of discomfort and preference.

Surely, your mission must be worth more than your discomfort and preferences. Otherwise it isn’t worth pursuing at all!

Your mission must trump everything. Thus nothing is too small, uncomfortable, boring or lofty when it comes to the difference you want to make. Neither is something too inconvenient or insurmountable when it comes to the weight of your mission.

Love your mission enough and the mundane, unpreferred and uncomfortable will not matter [Click to Tweet]

Focus on how much you love what you’re doing and what you’re trying to achieve more than the reasons you hate something. No aspect of what you must is unimportant.

Life, Leadership And The Boring Stuff…

Remember, love your mission more than discomfort, boring and mundane [Click to Tweet]

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