One Of The Best Ways To Brand Yourself On The Internet | Part 1

I’ve written about branding a little ;-) As people and organizations, we want to project ourselves in a way that we want to be identified and loved for whatever end we have in mind. I’m not against brand promotion (whatever that is), however, I’m about being truthful in how we project who we are what […]

Leaders: Brand Reputation Lines of Offence And Defence

Your brand or organisation’s reputation is integral to its fate. I’ve written about how your “products”, whatever they are, are critical components for a healthy reputation. In the mix are leaders. Leaders have the responsibility to not only express and embody their enterprise’s brand to those they lead, in their enterprise, but also to the world. […]

Product: Brand Reputation Lines Of Offence And Defence

The reputation of brands matters now more than ever. Users of products or services are not only more aware of the power they have but have the tools to easily publish and broadcast their experience or impressions with ease. We’re in an era where people now care not only about products they use but how they […]

Protecting Brands, Works and Reputation: (A Case Study?)

I think this makes for a great case study about how artists manage their work as well as how brands protect their reputation. Euodia Roets of Touchee Feele says she was in discussions with Woolworths South Africa about some design work. You can check out Euodia’s allegations here Woolworths, eventually didn’t take her designs, but […]