I’ve written about branding a little ;-) As people and organizations, we want to project ourselves in a way that we want to be identified and loved for whatever end we have in mind.

I’m not against brand promotion (whatever that is), however, I’m about being truthful in how we project who we are what we aspire to be.

There’s a craze to find the holy grail of branding. The silver bullet is nothing but a myth. There are no three keys or seven ways to… or whatever… When bloggers and authors try to make it sound like it is only their strategy or ways that makes things happen, they lie.

One Of The Ways To Brand Yourself On The Internet

There’s always a factor that is either unaccounted or not fully accounted for. Something misinterpreted due to being misunderstood. I’m not saying they’re wrong with some of the things they put forward. I’m saying they don’t have perfect knowledge or wisdom, applicable as is across the board.

Understanding context is often the differentiator when it comes to applying anything else someone has done elsewhere. Sometimes even the geniuses get it wrong when the environment and other variables change.

Thus the thought I’m about to share on the best way to brand oneself is not comprehensive. It can be one of many keys in a larger strategy. Here it goes:

One of the best ways to brand yourself on the Internet is to BLOG. And here’s why I think so:


To employ analogies… A blog is like home. Other social media platforms are coffee shops where you occasionally hang out. You may frequent them with friends etc. If you think about it, those you have the best relationships with are those you sit around a table with in your home(s).

Those are people you invite into a space somewhat sacred to you. Blogs are home. The place you have conversation and interaction that transcends the limitations of coffee shops or café. There are no closing times and no one is in charge but you when it comes to your home.


Blogs are also a great way to share with those you or your brand reaches the evolution of your brand. People privy to the processes that define brands tend to have greater affinity brands.

I know some brands that delete their YouTube videos after each campaign, so that they only have their most recent videos. Big mistake.

This is because blogs give a history, a sense of legacy. Deleting old videos or posts is like erasing memories that have helped make the relationships with the lives your brand touches. Think carefully before hard resets of that nature.

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