All actions are influenced. No action ever just happens. That you don’t understand why you, or other people act the way you, or they does not mean they’re uninfluenced.

For example, decisions can be pushed on us by our circumstances. Some decisions or actions have to be made because they have to be.

When was the last time you heard someone say they wanted to understand better why they did what they did? When did you last examine the reasons for some of your actions? As an individual, team and leader?


you must always know the forces behind your actions, beyond just the vision side of things


Without reflection we miss out on the reasons we do some things. Reflection is important because it helps us glean from our experiences.

Many people miss out on great lessons not because they didn’t have the opportunities of learning and growth, but because they did slow down to take note of them.

Unlocking wisdom from the not-so-obvious lessons happens through reflection. An important part of this is learning to identify what is influencing you.

When leaders are clear on influencing factors they are able to validate the worth of some actions. It can help them decide better.

When you, in your personal life, are able to see what is influencing you, you are able to determine the trajectory of you life better.

Is your life being controlled, in a sense, by what you would like to be controlled by? Are the influences on your team or organization embedded in your values and vision?

Subtle influencers can be like termites. Not so obvious, but working under the cover of your structures, destroying things from within.

I’m in the process of ‘influence audit’. I’m looking a little deeper into the reasons for some of my actions and decisions. This not only applies to decisions I’ve made and actions I’ve taken but to decisions I need to make now.

How often do you take ‘influencer audits’? Any recommendations on how to do so?

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