I’ve been trying to convince my some friends to share some of their recent experiences. They’re learning valuable lessons and I think they would benefit more people. This post is a result of trying to convince them to share what they’re learning. In case you’re like my friends, here are 8 reasons to share what you’re learning:

Reinforce To Memory

I realize that the times I’ve shared what I’ve learnt with others, I’ve remembered it better. Sharing my lessons forces me to dig that deeper into my memory to pull out as much as I can.

Challenges Your Understanding 

I’ve often had people ask me questions as I share what I’ve learnt. These questions help challenge my understanding. In some cases they’ve forced me to go back to my ‘point of learning’ to take another look.

At other times, the questions have helped me explore some aspects I hadn’t considered on my own.


Enriching others is good enough a reason to share your lessons. There are times I’ve felt ‘foolish’ for sharing a lesson that really excited me. (Yes, I have regretted sharing in some cases)

But there are also other times where I ‘patronized’ a learning curve that happened to be a great lesson for someone else. I’ve realized that If something helps me, there is definitely someone else that it can help.

Encourages Others To Share With You

I’ve realized that people I’ve share all sorts of lessons with tend to reciprocate. Often your willingness to share will be interpreted by those you share with as openness to listen and learn from them as well. Thus, increasing your ‘knowledge bank’. Iron sharpens iron.

Creates Boldness To Share In The Future

The only way to build your confidence in sharing with people is by sharing. Go ahead

More Articulate

With time, as people challenge your understanding and ask you questions (see number 2) you get better at articulating your thoughts and ideas. This helps improve your ‘teaching’, especially if part of your role demands it.

Questions are often an expression of the desire to learn and understand better. And, sometimes they call for the ‘teacher’ to break concepts further. Sharing your lessons puts you in a position where this challenge will be presented to you.

Same Page

When you’re a leader and you share with your team what you’re learning, it helps bring your team along with you, helping facilitate the change that you’ll bring along into your organization due to your growth and learning.

This means that some of the changes you’re likely to introduce will not be completely new and a total shock to your team. Thus, for the leader sharing with your team what you learn helps facilitate change in your team or organization.

Challenges Those You Lead 

I often work with young leaders and some of them get (sincerely) shocked when I tell them about the books am reading and my studies. Somehow a good percentage of them think that I know everything.

It is harmful for a leader to get caught up in the flattery of being looked up to and they end up thinking they’ve arrived. When you share what you’re learning, it will challenge and inspire others around you to strive to learn and grow more.

When a leader constantly shares what he is learning, he’s communicating to those he serves that he hasn’t arrived. Those you lead will respect a leader that shows humility. Letting your followers know you haven’t arrived and are striving to be better communicates humility.

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