There are small things in our lives that make big differences. I thought I’d write a list of those things that can throw nasty bumps on life’s highway. For some random reason I came up with a list of 28 random things to always check.

Here’s the list… Always check:

  1. If there is toilet paper before you, uhm, start. It can get “awkward” if you don’t!
  2. Your phone battery the night before a hectic day or before a period you know you’ll really need your phone. Nothing like a phone dying on you when you need it the most!
  3. Always check your teeth. Especially before you smile after eating spinach.
  4. That you’ve packed your power cord or charger for your notebook, phone, tablet etc especially when you’re going away. It’s always safer to have it on you despite the battery life of your device and how long you think you’re going to need it
  5. That your zip is closed before getting out of the bathroom or on stage. This could also get “awkward”, especially if you wear cartoon character boxers!
  6. That you have your wallet before you leave home. You could embarrass yourself after that great meal.
  7. That you have sufficient funds in your account before swiping that card. Want to do the dishes at your favorite restaurant? Make sure you can afford it before ordering!
  8. That your food is salted before you add any salt. Don’t ruin your meal.
  9. Similar to number 8, check that there is sugar in your coffee / tea before adding some. (I don’t have time to make two cups of coffee for myself and only drink one!)
  10. That you’ve prayed about something before making a decision. You can do more than pray after you have prayed; but you can never do more than pray until you have prayed.”  A.J. Gordon
  11. That you have a spare wheel, a jack and wheel spanner. Where I am, no one hardly stops for you especially when it’s getting dark. People are scared of being hi-jacked. Neither do you want to feel like prey when you stuck. Or get delayed for that all important even you rushing to
  12. Check that your clothes have no tear before you wear them. It could be embarrassing.
  13. The temperature of the water before you jump in the bath tub or shower or dip your hands in it. No need to skin yourself!
  14. The expiry date of your passport and driver’s license regularly. One of those things you never think of until the immigration or traffic officer pulls you aside. Believe me you want to avoid this one!
  15. Your car lights before it gets dark. Need I say more?
  16. Your exam timetable daily from the time you get. Nothing like going to seat for an exam you should have sat for the previous day! Imagine all the hard work and time wasted when you have to re-register for the next ones!
  17. Your voicemail messages (in case you miss something important). Self explanatory.
  18. The weather before you get dressed.
  19. Your fuel before you get too far from a fuel station
  20. Big match results, so you have something to make small talk.
  21. What teams your new acquaintance supports before you start bad mouthing them!
  22. That your friend is home before you pop in. The surprise that might be happening is you surprising yourself!
  23. That your computer is plugged in and that there is electricity before you call technical support
  24. That you’ve done everything right before you start criticizing or challenging a service provider
  25. Check exactly how far you’re going before you leave. And, do so in very good time!
  26. Check the label of the coffee before you make a mistake and purchase decaf coffee!!!!! (Rather personal :D)
  27. Email address to make sure it’s correct before hitting “send”
  28. Check your graemer and spllening before publishing your blog post

From your experiences, what would you add to this list?

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