This is one of those posts that just remind us. Uhm… remind us of how human we can be. That sounds a little odd. Let’s try again. This is one of those posts that remind us how human we are.

So, I had a brain fart. You know, those moments your attention and logic lapses. We’re very good at laughing at others’ stupid mistakes. “How on earth could someone do something so silly?!”

Let others’ (“funny”) mistakes be more than a reason for laughter. Let those moments be a remind of our humanity. Let it be a reminder of how we’re all equally capable of faux pas moments under the right conditions.

Let me illustrate:

little things

Instead of looking for the scissors we keep in the kitchen, I decided to use the sharpest knife in our kitchen to open vacuum-sealed cheese. That was only the beginning of my “mistake” (<— see what I did there? made it a little more “civil”).

I was successful in doing two things:

1. I managed to open the cheese
2. I managed to cut my little finger in the process

It is always the little things that remind us of our humanity. Yes, it’s my turn to be human…

It is often the mundane that we overlook. The impact of small things done mindlessly can have grave consequences. It is moments we get lost in our thoughts while doing the mundane that can derail us.

It can be reaching for something while driving that can land you in hospital.

There are a lot of seemingly small things we do day to day that have the capacity to impale us in many ways. This is generally the result of either familiarity or concentration lapses.

Perhaps you need to move a little slower. Think a little longer, and most of all be present. Be very present.

What little things have reminded you of how human you are lately? 

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