Ignore? | Leading a Frustrated Team [Part 1]

This is the first post in the series on Leading Frustrated Teams

Leaders are often a frustrated bunch. This can be due to the intensity of some things that cannot be separated from leading. Everyone seems to look to leadership for answers. Every problem is ultimately the leaders’ problem. Leadership is not for sissies.

However, leaders must not get so entangled in their own frustration that they do not realize the frustration of their teams. Sometimes leaders are the source of their teams’ frustration.

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Despite the source of the team’s frustration, they still do need to lead. Every leader, at one point or another, will need to lead a frustrated team.

frustrated team

frustration inhibits your team’s growth and performance, if you ignore it

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How to lead a frustrated team:


One of the worst mistakes any leader must never make is ignoring the frustration of his team. At some point we’ve all been led by a leader with the audacity to ask you to deliver, while turning a blind eye to obstacles he needs to address. Some of those obstacles being overwhelmed and frustrated.

When you lead a frustrated team, do not ignore their frustration. Address it head-on. Getting to the bottom of it now and not later means you deal with molehills before they become mountains.

Not every problem is solved by being ignored.

Ignoring the frustration of your team is creating an incubator for it. Thus, creating a great environment for frustration to grow.


Great leaders know that they must ignore some things to pay attention to others. Balance is a myth. Some things deserve greater attention than others.

How you determine which things to pay attention to must be clear to you and your team. Always be clear with your team which things are priority. One of the reasons for conflict between teams and leaders is the conflict of priority and interests.

Every leader must make sure that they build into their culture filtering mechanisms of what comes first. When values are shared and the same worth is placed on the same values, conflict is minimal.


When they are frustrated don’t act like they are not. Acknowledge the frustration. That is the first place to stand. Turning a blind eye can lead to even greater frustration.

In acknowledging their frustration make a commitment to resolving their frustration. State at least one practical step that can be immediately taken to combat the frustration.

Leaders and organizations that bury their heads in the sand in the face of frustration will soon meet their demise. Don’t ignore your teams’ frustration till it gets so big you can’t ignore it and it is more difficult to address. Lead well. Don’t ignore your teams’ concerns and frustration.

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