For the last few Mondays I’ve shared lessons from the road and squash court. For some reason that is where I seem to find myself  in reflection almost effortlessly.

Perhaps the reason it is those two places is it is in those moments I disconnect from the usual bustle. Have you noticed places where you easily can disconnect and reflect? I think it is those kind of places where complexity ceases to be daunting.

Productivity takes on a new face when we’re in environments that encourage it. Sometimes changing my environment has made significant difference between getting things done and the adverse. I played a game of squash which reminded me about one of the reasons winning matters for us.

In case you were wondering, I won! I was glad but not ecstatic. It was a win but not as challenging as I would’ve liked. I prefer winning to losing, but I realized something; I don’t just like winning but I like winning with a challenge.

There is something about a challenge that makes winning all the more sweeter. The lesson I learnt was the importance of challenges:

Challenges make the win sweeter!

One of the reasons why people may feel unfulfilled is that they don’t feel challenged enough. I tend to feel cheated or like I’m the one cheating when I don’t get a ‘fair challenge’ (whatever that means).

After all that is the idea of a match. Perhaps one of the reasons you feel unfulfilled and have somehow lost the zest for your undertakings, work etc is that you’ve ‘outgrown’ your challenge.

An obvious remedy would be to seek or ask for more challenge. As a leader, you may want to review the challenges you give your team members. Some blatantly ask for more challenge and others more subtly.

The important thing is discernment on how they do it, which can be enhanced by knowing your team members. (Knowing those you lead is an invaluable resource for any leader.)

A sign that you’ve out grown some challenges is when your activity becomes mundane, dull or boring.  Perhaps you are not as incompetent or ‘weak’ as you thought. It may just be that you have been underestimating yourself.

It just could be that you’ve grown more than you think. Could it be that you are ‘under-challenging’ those you lead?

(More on challenges later…)

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