Information is necessary for leadership in decision-making. Leading without relevant information is like fighting in the dark. The challenges of the relevance of information. Sometimes leaders have enough information to make decisions, though, most of the time leaders feel like they never have enough.

As a result, measures and systems are out in place to gather information. Feedback is prioritized especially during times of notable change. Wise leaders know that information is valuable.

Leading without relevant information is like fighting in the dark.

In fact, what gives leaders and organizations an edge is often in what they know that others do not. Information is a valuable commodity. Most people know this about information. They have made sure they gather as much as they can. This presents other challenges.

The first thing is determining which information is relevant. Information is only as good as its relevance to you. How do you determine the relevance of the information to you? Something simple to consider:


If particular information causes you to advance your cause, then it is relevant. Be weary of collecting information that does not advance your cause. Pore information, however it comes to you, for the value it has for the moving you forward.

The value of information is in its relevance. The more relevant it is, the more valuable it will be.

Continuing to focus on information that does not advance you is like beating a dead horse. Information that is relevant can be information that helps you better processes and products.

It can be information that does not necessarily answer all your questions but enables you to ask the right questions to move you forward.


You and your team could be wasting time arguing about the accuracy of information that has not relevance. Information being accurate does not necessarily make it relevant.

Before committing resources to determining accuracy of information first determine whether the information, in its accurate state can advance you significantly.


All this means you must gather as much information as possible. But remember, not all the information you can collect is worth collecting. Determine what information you gather is of value.

Do not waste time analysing information unless it the analysis will advance your cause. Be clear what information you are going to gather and why you will gather it before you do.

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