“Knowledge is power”. Are there really people who still believe this “mantra” in its rawness? I can’t believe I believed this “motto” of the school I attend in my first grade, for many years. Knowledge, in itself is, not power.

Understanding knowledge, its relevance, applying it in the correct context… Now, that is power. Even so, this is still incomplete. Increasing your knowledge is never going to be enough. You have to understand its significance and apply it in context.

The most powerful people and leaders in general, are the ones committed to figuring things out. The one who knows something without a commitment to understand its implications and application greatly cripples not only his ability, but innovation.

The most powerful people are not the ones that amass knowledge. They are the ones passionately given to figuring out its context. It is people who when they know they don’t know something or enough of it given themselves completely to figuring it out.

Leaders committed to always figuring things out are constantly growing and challenging teams. It is not embarrassing or degrading for them when they don’t know something. They are happy not to have their abilities graded higher than they really are.

Instead of hiring or enlisting people who are happy to just know what they know, get people who show a commitment to always figuring it out. The guy who says I don’t know and often comes back with new information, demonstrating his commitment to obliterate any ignorance he discovers, is the one you want to keep on your team.

The ones committed to figuring things out are the ones who grow teams. They are key innovation players as they always seek fresher and newer ways.

Be a leader who never gets bogged down by what he knows he doesn’t know. Be committed to figuring it out. Research, read up, skill up but never be comfortable in ignorance.

Be committed to a constant pursuit of knowledge, unlocking its relevance and applying it for the greater.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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