No one is guilty until proven guilty right? The law generally has this approach, even though you know that someone is guilty.

Leader you have to be proven. Your commitment has to be proven. Nothing is said to be what it claims to be until it is proven.

Commitment is only stamped or labeled, “commitment” when it is proven in the furnace of the chance to quit. Your commitment must be tested in the days of obscurity so that you can be entrusted with leading projects that need great leadership stamina over time.

proving yourself is building platform to be heard, to make a difference for the greater

proving yourself is building platform to be heard, to make a difference for the greater



Leaders are proven as leaders beyond the label when they really have to show it through action. They are proved by casting vision. Managing frustration of their teams. Leading change. Training other leaders to lead proves them.

They are proven as leaders by constantly moving the organization forward through strategy and developing other leaders. You have to pay your dues. You have to be proven. Leaders have to prove themselves by building character that earns them the right to summon people’s allegiance to their leadership.

You want to be respected? Want to make a great impact on the world? You have to be proven.

Creatives often make the mistake of thinking they deserve free stuff because they’re creatives. No one care about what you’re going to do. We’re all proved by what we’ve done.

The world can never and will never be made a greater place by intentions. Everything that has changed the world or caused innovation is something that has been released to do so. It is ideas that were communicated in a book, a movie, a speech, a song, a device, an app…

If you want the world to notice you and the solution you have to offer. Pay your dues. Prove yourself. Until then you don’t deserve anyone’s attention. It is not owed to you. Earn it by proving yourself.

You’d never trust a banker who had never proven himself. Who would want someone who hasn’t been proven as a surgeon in the arena surgeons must be proved in?

If you have high demands for those who serve you, so must the world have high expectations for you? Prove yourself. Earn your right to be heard. Your right to change the world for the greater. Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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