The Heretics’ Compass – Part 2

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The heretic, by default, does not fit the mold of the status quo; he shatters it. What separates heretics from ‘everyone else’ stems from their motivation? Perhaps all people are motivated by what they desire and or what they allow to govern them.

Hoards are afraid to challenge the status quo. Living under the dictates of fear inhibits not only you but also humanity. Generations after us must not deal with challenges that the present must address.

the heretics' compass part 2
living under the dictates of fear will keep you locked in the status quo; guaranteed stagnation
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Future | Legacy


The status quo persists because of myopic responses to issues that have no significant long-term impact. Anyone interested in long-term change must be willing to ignore temporary challenges.

That is exactly what heretics do. Heretics have a long-term response to temporary challenges. They have eyes that see beyond their time. You cannot be a leader that is consumed with managing the status quo.

Heretics are more concerned about lasting change and not temporal recognition. Leaving posterity a legacy worth aspiring for drives heretics.

Heretics are driven by more than inspiring the present generation, but many more after them.



The kind of heretic celebrated here is one whose goal, whichever way he works toward it, makes the world better. Rather, greater. Some may dismiss the idea of changing the world or making it a better place, but it is this belief that the world has been and will be changed by heretics.

Complete commitment to the ideal of making the world a better place for humanity is a key point on the heretics’ compass. (Commitment can never be partial; once it is, it ceases to be commitment). ” ‘Greater’ and changed world” being the philosophy of heretics reinforces that the status quo is not a destination and must be constantly shattered. You cannot change the world while upholding the status quo.

‘Greater’ inevitably implies that the status quo will never be anywhere to settle; shatter it.

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