Why You DON’T Get The Feedback You Need | Part 2

Great leaders are like old school mechanics. No computers or other gadgets to connect to the car to get a diagnostic. No disrespect to the mechanics with the fancy toys… Old school mechanics (and some new school ones too ;-) ) can tell you a lot about a car by the way it sounds. Troubleshooting […]

The Best Ways To Acknowledge Your Shortcomings

We may say we’re not but act like we are. Perfect, that is. The truth still stands; no one is perfect. Everyone generally accepts this for everybody else except when they feel violated by others. Worse, still, when it is a leader that has failed. Whether you’re a leader in particular context or a part […]

Slowing Down and Appreciating The Spectacular

I saw this video from Dumt & Farligt, a Dansih TV show, where the footage was slowed down to 2,500 frames per second. Some of the subjects they chose were a little random but interesting to see at that speed. Check out the video and catch my thoughts after and please do share some of […]

The Relevance of Information

Information is necessary for leadership in decision-making. Leading without relevant information is like fighting in the dark. The challenges of the relevance of information. Sometimes leaders have enough information to make decisions, though, most of the time leaders feel like they never have enough.

More Than Five Reasons Your Team Is Frustrated With Your Leadership

A leader often has to deal with many dynamics in managing her team. It could be apathy. (Which I have written about in the past here.)   Another challenge a leader may have to deal with is a frustrated team. Leadership can be the cause of frustration for their team, hence the importance of identifying […]