Values are at the core when it comes defining identity and behaviour. They’re a matter of identity. Identity informs behaviour. This is why every leader must set and guard values.

This is nothing new. You know this, but if you’re anything like me you need the reminders.

Every enterprise is impacted by the environment it exists in. No enterprise or leader can honestly claim they’re unaffected by external factors.

The dynamics of an environment often demand some constants. Thus values must be treated as a floating foundation. They hold and keep intact organisational culture, while negotiating challenges or threats contexts present.

Thus any ‘response’ to external forces must be weighed against values. At the same time every decision made must never violate the integrity of values. Every decision made must magnify values. This is necessary for those serving the mission of organisations as well those served by the organisations.

Some difficult decision are easy to make when held up to the light of values. See and understand values as floating foundations. They hold everything together in the the midst of changing circumstance and dynamic world.

[image by USACE Europe District | cc]

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