Technological advancements are important but not the only determinants of relevance. Technology sometimes will dictate what devices, apps etc. will work with what.

Organisations that aren’t adept to change and learning at the pace of technology are not likely survive, let alone thrive [Click to Tweet]


Leaders are the other determinant of relevance. Leaders determine how long their organizations hold onto technology and practices. They determine how to distribute resources as per the needs of the organisations as far as their vision is concerned.

Leaders are the custodians of their organisations’ culture. Part of any healthy organisation’s culture should include innovation.

‘Kodak Syndrome’ And Target

There’s danger of holding onto some things because of the convenience and comfort of familiarity. This puts organizations at risk of irrelevance.

A classic example would be the Kodak story. Kodak’s vision was to be the best film company and they were, even when film was hardly relevant to the wider world.

Those your organisation serves are one of the determinants of your relevance. Are you still meeting their needs? Do you have your finger on the pulse of their changing circumstance, which mean that you need to change how you meet their needs.

What else determines how relevant or irrelevant leaders and organisations can be?

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