Ditch The Superfluous

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I mean, seriously?! I have lamented about how stupid “poke” is in Facebook. What I find more absurd is that it still lives on. One day someone poked me and I was shocked that the “poke” feature still existed. But why?

Did I mention, after expressing my shock that “poke” still existed I start getting poked. Well, you know why…

Early today, I thought to clear notifications and I was poked… Then I scrolled down and, whoa! Facebook is now giving “poke suggestions”!

This makes me think:

Of all the features we build into products and experiences of those we serve are we aware of the superfluity? [Click to Tweet]

The sad thing about the superfluous is that it takes away from the experience of those we serve as leaders or organisations. Not only that, it takes away valuable resources in time, finance and man hours. The irrelevant, the superfluous we entertain detracts from our mission and robs focus on what really matters.

Some leaders allow the superfluous to live on because of nostalgia. In the early days “poke” was a fun feature. The lesson:

Be ruthless with the superfluous in the present despite its value in the past [Click to Tweet]

Another important lesson:

The really cool and awesome today, can be the “unnecessary superfluous” tomorrow [Click to Tweet]

I don’t use the feature, unless to make fun of Facebook. You know when someone thinks you’re making a joke with them but the joke is actually on them? That! I think that is what most do when they push “poke” on Facebook.

Perhaps the more absurd is that people still poke others. The lesson:

“Superfluous” sometimes lives on because we entertain those who encourage it [Click to Tweet]

Some organisations are held back from innovation because they’re stuck nursing “superfluous” [Click to Tweet]

(By the way, I’m slowly divorcing Facebook. More later)

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