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In 2012 I ran my first ten kilometers straight on Nike’s We Run Jozi. Yes, on race day. Before that, the furthest distance I’d ever run at one go was seven kilometers.

Being my first experience of this nature, I reflected on it. Then again, it is just me to think through my experiences, especially one’s I’ve never had. From preparation to the race and after the race, the experience was great for me. Check out my series from last year’s race:

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In 2013 I return to run the streets of this beautiful city I love. My reasons are simple and clear, at least to me:


Having only run seven kilometers in one stretch in 2012 I had used my average on my runs before the race to set a realistic goal. My goal in 2012 was to run ten kilometers under an hour. I missed it by a few seconds.

 It is sad that for the most part of 2012 I’ve been running and playing squash (the sport) and have been in decent shape but I hurt my ankle, which set me back greatly. I took my time returning to the road and the longest distance I’ve run since my freak ankle injury was two hundred meters shy of six kilometers.

So, I return to Jozi’s streets to run ten kilometers in fifty minutes. That’s my goal. The lesson, boys and girls, is very simple:

Never back down from a goal until you’ve hit it. Die trying [Click to Tweet]

If it means you finish the race ugly and crawling, do whatever it takes to hit you target.

There’s always a greater dignity in finishing in tatters than quitting intact [Click to Tweet]

In fact, it is also more respectable and something


One of the reasons I signed up in 2012 was because 2011 was a night race. I thought 2012 would be the same but we ran in the morning, as the wrath of the sun was unleashed. The good news: 2013 is a night race. Something different. Something I’ve never done.

Like I’ve said before, Try Some New Things.

We are responsible for how colorful or dull our lives are [Click to Tweet]

I choose to do something, in writing the story of my life, in doing things that make me feel a little alive. A break from monotony. When such events come along I take advantage to punctuate my life with them.

Stop blaming someone else and circumstance for how boring you are or make your life [Click to Tweet]


Last year Nike donated part of the race proceeds to a setup a community running club for youth in Alexander township, a generally, not so privileged area. I dig this. I like that somehow while I challenge and enjoy myself I make a difference in other people’s lives. I’m not sure what Nike will do this year but I know it will be dope!


Chasing goals is a little more fun when you do it with friends. I managed to talk Olefile, into running with me this year. I have tried to get others on board but their excuses abound. The lesson:

Try to get as many to move with you and for those that aren’t willing don’t worry. Just move with the movers [Click to Tweet]

Not everyone will always buy into something because it is great. Some people enjoy the comfort of the laziness, which has the potential to kill them. I’m talking about health issues, of which exercise is an important part.

If you’re running Jozi, what’s your story?

For others, what have you done or are planning to do, that is different, challenging and you might be even doing with friends?

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