I waited for the temperature to get a little cooler so I could go for my run. When it was cool enough i had a lengthy “Question & Answer” sessions with myself. “Should I go? Do I have to go now? What about running tomorrow morning?”

Should I go for a run? The answer will always be an unequivocal and emphatic “yes”. I must run because I need the exercise to stay productive. I need to take care of my body because it can be a source of limitation and I want it to be in the best shape I can get and keep it in.

Also, I have Run Jozi race to prepare for.

I realised that:

One of the reasons we ask questions is to find excuses to validate our inaction [Click to Tweet]

There are some things that we know, have to be done. The environment or our designations as leaders demand we do certain things. Of course there are times for asking questions to make that relevant considerations are made, but many people and leaders have used questions inappropriately.

Great questions are important and must be practised. In fact I’m an advocate for great questions because they facilitate great learning and leadership.


How To Ask Great Questions for Great Learning & Leadership | Part 1 

How To Ask Great Questions for Great Learning & Leadership | Part 2 

However, there are those other questions we must be weary of. The questions that do nothing to grow or edify but are just a form of stalling. When those who’ve mastered the art of stalling work them they can easily have you busy looking for answers that you don’t need. That you will never need.

Some questions asked are a front of cowardice and a mask of laziness, stalling from necessary work [Click to Tweet]

One of the things you must do, when you, or your team start raising questions at the execution stage, is ask what they motive is and why they should matter.

If you’re going to lead yourself and your enterprise you must learn to ignore and or not even respond to some questions. Not all questions are equal. Thus not all questions deserve your attention and resources to answer. Be at peace with not answering every question. Oh, remember to let your team know about this…

Stop asking questions when it comes to doing this you should do, and just get to it [Click to Tweet]

What are you still waiting for?!

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