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I just went through my feed on Feedly. The Internet is abuzz with news of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post. Speculation about what he might do is coming in close at second.

This news has also seen bloggers all over the world start publishing about how a great leader and visionary Bezos is. That is true. In fact I agree with them. There is a lot to learn from Bezos and it would be folly to ignore the man and lessons from him.

This post doesn’t really have much to do with Bezos and his latest acquisition. It just happened to be a trigger to the question, “Why Should I Care?”

This is not a rebellion or me being snotty, but a question I asked myself as I went through what I served on my Feedly feed this morning. I kept asking myself if what was worth my while to read some of the posts.

It is possible that I will find some useful things. Some posts were going to be entertaining. Some informative, but lately there are very few people who have published something that has challenge me.

As I continued going through the tittle of the posts in my feed, the question still bounced around in my head, “Why Should I Care?”

When I look at the news, why should I care what the new royal baby is called? Should it matter to me? Does it really change anything in my world? In the world at large? Maybe only for the people who took bets on what he might be called?

I don’t need to know what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have called their child. Or do I?

The Internet and social media are far from short of information and, junk. It is all looking for my attention. Your attention. Why should I care? A lot of what vies for my attention online is nothing but distraction.

They are things I have not even a once of care for. However, that I see it sometimes makes me, and perhaps millions of others, guilty for not checking it out.

How much of what you read on the Internet has really enriched your world. A hundred percent? Ten percent, maybe? Only you can answer that…

I really shouldn’t care about a lot of what I see in my Facebook feed. While some of my friends have very useful posts and conversations they also contribute a lot of noise. Some of it is visual.

I don’t need a lot of the newsletters coming in to my inbox now. I only read a handful of them. The ones I know are going to add value.

I have moments I debate unsubscribing from some newsletters but fear that I might miss something moves me to the next thing on my to do list, or some other distraction.

My good friend Ed Ramsami and I also receive mail from some newsletters that we got suckered into so we could get some free books. Yeah, we love free books…

So there are new rumors about Apple’s new product announcements… Why should I care?

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be informed. That’s one of the excuses that guise my mindless attention sometimes. Yes, mindless attention.

I have to readjust what I allow myself to care about as far as my attention and the noise of news, blogs and other social media platforms. In fact this is bringing me closer to the point of nuking my Facebook account. That’s for another time…

I don’t have to care about anything because it comes my way. Neither should you. My attention, your attention is too valuable to be flippant about.


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