Followers naturally respond better to bold statements, decisions and actions compared to indecisiveness. Supporters you cause are accelerators. As easily as they can help build momentum for the cause you lead, a lack of boldness can make them part of the machinery that destroys your momentum, discrediting your leadership and ultimately the cause.

Following a leader that does not have a clear stand will have followers either going in different directions or nowhere. Not having a clear stand in relation to what you want to achieve or a decisive response on challenges does not grow the confidence of your followers.


Thus, those who give you the privilege to serve them must be respected enough to have you make clear and decisive steps. Boldness does not absolve you from risk but says communicates commitment to your cause despite challenges.

Leadership heretics, the ones that actually shatter the status quo for greater, know that while they will not always have the luxury of all the information to make the best decisions.

However, this does not inhibit them taking action. Boldness is a quality all heretics must embrace. No one wants to follow someone who cannot decide if they really want to make a difference or achieve what they claim to want to.

It is bold visions that draw and rally supporters. Perhaps one of the reasons no one is following is that you are too timid with your goals. Perhaps your vision is bold but the way you communicate it is not. It is unjust to timidly handle a bold vision.

Bold action, on the part of leadership, is not a means to blind supporters to possible adverse challenges, but a means of communicating that the cause is greater and more important than the temptation to be cowardly.

Even cowards following cowards want to follow cowards that act more boldly than them. If you are going to play the coward be a bold one.

You cannot shatter the status quo, without decisive, bold action. Be heretic.

Act boldly. Be unapologetic about the change you want to see. The leader who fails after acting boldly is more respectable than the one who plays it safe on the sidelines without attempting anything.

It is those who attempt that achieve. Bold inspires. Bold creates movements. Bold shatters the status quo; creates change.  Dare. Be bold. There is more. No, there is greater. Legacy worth pursuing is the product of being bold.

Rather fail when you dared than fail because you never started (Click to Tweet)

Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/ | heretic.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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