Not all change you will make will be all you. It is folly and or arrogant to think you can change everything alone. However, you have to embrace seasons you will have to act alone.

The lonely seasons are the ones that test your resolve. The ones who keep going in the rough seasons, those who persevere are the ones that will eventually get the following and support to even push the cause farther.

To push your cause you will need the backing of a “crowd”. Crowd does not have to be a horde; it can be a small core team, sharing the same passion and vision.

To build a following you will need to communicate your vision; unashamedly punt your cause. You have to let people know what you’re about.

change and being misunderstood

worry about not being heard instead of being misunderstood

You will have to rally support by communicating with other (potential) heretics. However, communicating is not guarantee that you people will readily embrace your message or cause.

Communication is a more than necessary first step. Getting people to understand what you are communicating is the next challenge. In communicating your message be sure to make your message for change, for the greater, as clear as possible.

Again, a clear message is no guarantee that you will be heard and embraced. Do not lose heart.

Not every heretic is understood all the time, every time.  When you work on creating something new, you are creating something new. In other words, it has never been.

Do not expect everybody to embrace something they have never been exposed to. Heretics define the future by shattering the present’s status quo.

New is new. There is not always a point of reference for new things.

The future you attempt to create is not as clear to others as it is to you, yet. Expect to be misunderstood. Do not take it personally. Heretics see beyond the status quo. Being misunderstood is part of heretics’ journey to define the future.

You will never achieve anything significant if you seek everyone to understand first before you take any action. Many will only understand the change you seek to bring when they see and experience its results.

Nothing stalls progress than always seeking consensus in everything. Leaders are there to lead. Unity is important. You must keep in mind, though, that unity is not necessarily signified by agreement in everything always. Leading will sometimes entail making calls not everyone agrees with. Be bold.

Act despite who understands. They may not like you or the change you seek to bring now but they will thank you later. Being understood tells you that you are in the future as others use the status quo as their lens. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/

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