playing small

World changers don’t look for permission to make anything better. The world, (substitute “world” for an arena you see potential for better) is generally not happy upsetting things the way they are.

People and the environment around us want us to fit in. Often fitting in is a way of containing you. Fitting in means shrinking to fit a box you’re given.

It means embracing confines and taking shape of the container you’re placed in. Distorting who you are. Compromising the value of taking action to make the ‘world’ better. Greater.

Those who agree to be contained agree to be made smaller than they are. They bow to being made small. Thus they deny who they are. They rob themselves and the ‘world’ of beauty. Of wealth.

You are grand. You’re more than what anyone could make you to be. When you are your true self you will realize that you have more to give that the box you’re often forced into.

We give the greatest value when we are who we ought to be. Being yourself means shattering any confine or box the status quo tries to make you fit in. Being you means saying “NO” to small.

Playing small is about being apologetic for the change you want to make. It is about trying to please everyone. Fitting is anti-change. Yet nothing can get better without change. Playing small is about leaving everything around you untouched and it serves no one.

Trying to make things better is more noble and beneficial than doing nothing. Fear makes people play small. Acting despite your fear and insecurities is saying “NO” to playing small.

When we let fear rule us, we let it destroy the world. This is because it takes action from us, sucking courage and passion for better things.

The best way to say “NO” to playing small is action. Ignore anything that asks you to fit in a box. Act. Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

[image: unsplash]

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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