You cannot be a great leader if you want everyone to like you. Stepping up to lead is like painting a bull’s-eye on yourself. It is opening yourself up to scrutiny by, well everyone. You will have those who support you in everything. Always. All the way. Then there are the critics.

Leaders are responsible for building consensus in pursuit of vision. You and your team are likely to agree that change is necessary. Upsetting the status quo for your world to be greater is a given. However, you are likely to disagree on how to bring about change.

The status quo does not like to be disagreed with it. To be messed with. Leading change is about disagreeing with the status quo. It is dissenting against present for the sake of the greater in the future.

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In your disagreeing with the status quo, you must allow others and your environment to disagree with you. This should strengthen your cause for change as it gives you platform to justify the need for change.

Disagreements can yield engagement. Disagreeing creates tension. Tension begets attention.

Disagreements are rarely passionless. That is, they invoke a fire within people that causes them to speak their mind. When people disagree with you, disagree with change, it reveals where they’re at and what leaders need to do to get them with the program.

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Leaders who cannot handle disagreements cannot lead well. You’re not ready to lead if you want everyone to agree with you. Change is contrary and love for the status quo will be contrary to change (doh).

You’re not ready to lead if you’re not willing to be disagreed with. Being disagreed with is a normal part of leadership. Even more, a necessary part of change.

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It allows you to challenge the validity of the change you want to bring. It is opportunity to garner support. Disagreements present opportunities to make things greater.

Without disagreement there can be no objectivity. Objectivity enables clear sight. It is allows you to cover bases you would not normally consider.

You are not ready to lead if you can’t be disagreed with.

If you’re going to be great at leading change you have to be willing to be disagreed with. Be willing to have people disagree with you. Lead. Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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