Change often takes someone to care. Not only just care but also care enough. There reason some things are short-lived is that because either didn’t care enough or they stopped caring.

In order to rally solid teams behind your cause don’t just take on able people. Build a team of people who are able and care a lot about the change you want to bring about.

Yes, they must have care a lot for your cause. People who care deeply for something ooze passion for their work.


Care is the foundation of passion. Those who seek to bring bout change will struggle with inspiring passion despite their efforts to model it, if people don’t care enough.

Before you set out on that attractive endeavor always ask yourself how much you care about it.

World changers are people who care deeply for whatever it is they pursue. People who care deeply about something don’t just abandon ship at the first sign of trouble.

They are willing to bear pain. They will shed ‘blood and tears’… They will make sure they have done as much as they can to keep a dream alive before giving up.

Giving up is never an option but something that is forced on them. People who care about their cause don’t have the luxury of throwing in the towel.

If you’re going to change the world do something you care deeply about. This may mean turning some great opportunities done. It may mean doing things that ‘normal people’ don’t do.

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You can even make a greater impact by helping people see what they care about. Sometimes it is people around us that see better where we come alive, where compassion or empathy comes easy.

Tell others where you see them care deeply. Ask others where they see you care the most.

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Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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