Giving Up

I have been a little pensive, dreaming about the future while evaluating the near past. It is bitter-sweet. The thought of possibilities evoke passion and excitement. Past failures, on the other hand, remind me of what can go wrong. Past and anticipated failure is why we sometimes do not attempt anything. Past failures are often […]

Grieving A Dream?

Grief is not an easy thing. While we all may grieve, they don’t grieve the same. We grieve the loss of loved ones, but that is not the only thing we grieve. We grieve everything dear to us. Things that matter to us impact us greatly when they come into our lives and, sadly when […]

Which Battle?

I’ve discovered that many people participate in competitions for different reasons. Not everyone is competing for the same prize. Some were willing to settle with making it to certain stages of the tournament. I think it is sad that while all could aspire to win the main prize, some were only glad to settle for […]

My Conference Attendance Manifesto

I’ve attended so many conferences I’ve lost count. So much that I’ve now come up with my conference attendance manifesto. I’ve accumulated enough notebooks for a library of tomes of my own. I admit with every conference I attend, there’s a subconscious me that thinks through the theme and actual content delivered. I contemplate the relevance of the conference […]