Who would’ve imagined that “productivity” would be an industry? Goals, outcomes, deadlines, whatever you call them, are an inherent, inescapable way of life and leadership. We set goals for ourselves as individuals, teams, organisations. Despite this, it is important to just dream. I’m not talking about the, “In a perfect world…” brainstorming. I mean simple, plain, dreaming. Dreaming to no particular end.

It generally doesn’t take me long to reset a win. Winning amnesia is a way of life, I constantly need to reminders of past achievements in pursuit of ‘next’. I watch the scoreboard and reset it quickly for the next play.

Having said that, dreaming is underrated. Somehow in the midst of chasing ‘next’, we need to create a space where there are no restrictions. Not as an aid to brainstorming in problem-solving. You know, like how managers and leaders speak about the perfect scenario, then revisit ideas against the backdrop of the challenges.

I mean simple imagining, of things, scenarios, worlds.

Reasons It Is Important To Just Dream


Our imagination takes us where we haven’t been. Dreaming inspires innovation. Innovation feeds off dreams and dreams are inspired by innovation. You get the picture. The seat of the innovation is dreaming. Whether in your personal life or organisation, dreaming reinforces the picture of the future you want to create.

Wonder why you haven’t created anything new lately? It might that be you haven’t created space for dreaming. Just free dreaming. Unrushed; to get to an action plan or setting goals.

Trapped in you and your team are new products and solutions. Create a space for them to fight their way out.


How many ideas have you had in the shower? Remember the times a solution came to you when you weren’t even thinking about it? We live in a noisy world. Step away from or put the screens down.

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Hope Inspired

Hope is oxygen. Whether at a personal or organisational level, your vision must be unattainable [more later]. Vision should be somewhat intangible. Your vision should inspire and discourage you at the same time. It should be impossible and possible.

Dreaming of the world that your vision is reality strengthens resolve. It inspires hope. Reality may not look like you imagined but being able to see it in another realm inspires hope. Our dreaming takes us to where we aren’t but long to be.

Sometimes plans or strategies aren’t broken; just our inspiration (Click to Tweet)

Dreaming is one way our inspiration and hope can be restored.

This is why it’s important to dream without the object being drawing up goals and action plans. There’s a time and place for that. Just not now.


It’s important to just dream. Don’t rush to solving problems. Wait a little longer before creating the next action plan. Slow down, dream a little, let it simmer.


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