So, I got tweeted — an offer to buy followers!

Some people do this. It’s lame! The thing about buying “followers” — not even legit people or accounts — is that it’s not true influence.

A lot of fake followers are for giving an illusion of influence. This tweet is a classic example of what some mistake for influence, don’t drink that cool aid!

True influence is built; usually over time. Worthy character is not a credit card or PayPal transaction.

It is proving yourself one occasion after another. It is about living out values away from public gaze.

Rather a few legitimate followers than bots that cannot be truly influenced. Impact is with real people. Influence is when you’re able to mobilize others for a greater them, future and better world, whatever that looks like in their context.

Influencing a few real and committed people  is infinitely more significant than pretend.

If we’re not careful, social media can make us believe we’re more influential than we really are. This is not to say that it doesn’t amplify and expand our reach, because it does.

I’m just saying we mustn’t overestimate ourselves as result. We also mustn’t underestimate either. The challenge is to always strive to have an accurate estimation of ourselves, influence and reach.

Influence is built on more than taking your credit card out of your wallet…

Be patient in building influence. Take your time in building your platform. It might not look like much now but in time you realise you’ve built something solid. Some thing of significance.

Build patiently, don’t look for shortcuts. Go for true influence and not the mere appearance of it.

Don’t overestimate yourself. Don’t say you are what you’re not. Patiently build your credibility and your influence will be more significant and long-lived.

Don’t drink the shortcut cool aid!

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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