2020 has been crazy. Like you need a reminder {insert eye roll}. News, conversations with Ingrid and friends, being lost in my thoughts in general, has made me want to say something. It’s discouraged and inspired me to want to write something meaningful. Too many of us make the mistake of thinking what we say is important. Sometimes we mistake the urge to say something for saying something worthwhile.

So Many Words

I’ve read and heard so many words. Some of them deep, and thoughtful. And, of course, some equally crass, thoughtless and unmeasured. And this has reminded me how much words matter.

With words we encourage. We also inspire fear or despair. We shape or tear down communities, nations. With them we can build new bridges and make enemies.

Besides that I’ve been mentally and emotionally exhausted, I haven’t written anything because I didn’t want to waste my words. When so much is being said it matters more what and how we say what we say.

Too often we mistake the urge to say something for saying something worth saying.

The Weight Of Them

More than ever words said should be measured. I want to use the least words to say a lot. I’m sure the irony isn’t lost on me with this post. I’m aware that I’m stumbling toward what I’m trying to say. It is a contradiction of what I want to do and a great illustration of what I want to avoid.

Hate-filled, divisive and destructive words seem to dominate our social media. That’s because they’re easy ones to thoughtlessly unleash. Adding to the noise is easy. Making our words matter for good isn’t. Hence the challenge to write something meaningful.

Misinformation is sometimes the result of careless words. Not well thought out words. Nuances can be created or lost

My Words Should Be…

I want my words to be potent. They shouldn’t be written, published or transmitted for the sake of it. They must never add to the noise. My words must build bridges. Challenge me and everyone who encounters them to only be greater people but commit themselves in word and deed to make the world a better one.

I hope these imperfect words, even the ones to come make your world better. I hope that I’ve made us stop and rethink what we say and how we say it.

When You Want, Or Need To Say Something That Matters

Slow down. Think. Dare to say less. But whatever you do, never be silent when it matters most. Sometimes meaningful words aren’t carefully crafted statements. They’re meaningful because they’re said at the right time for a just and necessary cause.

I want to not say something for the sake of it. And, when I write or say something I want it to matter. Not because of my eloquence but because I’ve said it when it matters for a just, great cause and ultimately the world.

What does writing or saying something meaningful look like for you?

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  1. Hey Blessing,

    Thanks so much – needed to be reminded of this. Super challenging as a blogger when sometimes the words are very much there but other times you feel completely dry but have been told that regular posts are the way to go – the ones where i feel the urgency and conviction to write always come out as stronger and more effective.

    Thanks for the reminders – all the best
    love Brett Fish

    1. I want to write regularly and kick myself for not doing so. But, I’m OK with not publishing regularly or a schedule anymore. Partly because of other things I’m working on but also because I don’t want to just write for the sake of it.

      Yeah, I know the feeling and challenge of the frequency… thanks for weighing in on the convo.