I’ve never written anything like this. I can’t believe I’ve thought about it long enough to follow through with a post. So here goes… I’ll be nice and say, I don’t like cats. Dogs, on the other hand, are the best. For me, the internet + cats = meh. But, internet + dogs = awesomeness. With this, I have a message for those posting dog and cat videos

First, Let’s Address The Cat Videos

I’ve never understood why the internet seemed to favour cats. There was a times it felt like that. A few years ago it seemed every second animal you spotted on the internet was a cat. I mean what was up with that? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Then… Equilibrium

I’m happy that the scales are now tipping. From my objective extensive subjective study, the number of dog memes and videos are increasing. Among the things that will make the world a better place, this is one of them.

More, happy, loving, dogs on the internet. More dogs with their own social media accounts are needed. It’s written in history: dogs are our best friends. And, we would do well to remember that and give them their rightful place.

The True and Better Case For Dogs

Have you ever heard of a guide cat? What about rescue cats? Dogs are not only friends but they’re useful friends. Have you ever heard of a cat forgiving you? If you’re going to be really honest, you know they don’t do that. It’s

The Message For Those Posting Dog And Cat Videos

Let me get back to my PSA, which is the main reason I started writing this post.

While dogs matter more, both cat and dog videos matter equally. Here’s why: Both make Ingrid laugh.

There you have it.

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