I haven’t written as much as I would’ve loved over the last few years. I’ve shared some of the reasons I write are here, here and here. Those are not all the reasons, just some. Writing is one of the things I’ve had a desire and, I guess, a fair aptitude for, for as long as I can remember. This is a blog post about an important blog I wrote.

The Internet, has, to a great extent, levelled the playing field. It has given everyone somewhat equal access to create and publish. I wish I didn’t stop the first time I started writing and publishing. I could be way further with honing my craft. Perhaps even with a bigger platform. But, I don’t write for a big platform.

I write for me. I write to change the world. Scientists, other artists of different forms, when they exercise their gifts, enrich the world. We all enjoy new technologies. They give us not only something to enjoy, but shared experiences. Creations such as songs, for example, unite us.

Let me not digress. The reason for this post is because of another post, ““It’s Never Us”; The Death Of Integrity And All That’s Right“. I wrote is a while ago. When I wrote it, it didn’t get viral or have an astronomic effect on the viewer stats. Some people did read. Not too many. If you were one of them thank you.

A Blog Post About An Important Blog I Wrote

Again I don’t write for views though they’re nice…

This is the first time I write about my own blog post. I’ve written about other people’s blog posts though.

What I wrote about is important. I’ve learned something from the way readers then, and now, are interacting with the blog post:


The important things don’t always get notable coverage. This is true on and offline. Side note: it doesn’t make sense to continue distinguishing between online and offline anymore. Each is a facet of the same thing.

What the blog post spoke about was something I know is important.

In Time

Because something doesn’t get attention it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t act. Sometimes we have to act forward. Today, the blog post I’m writing about is getting huge attention, love and feedback. There are  no comments on the post itself but I’m getting messages on Facebook and emails about it.

Sow. Sowing, is an exercise with rewards separated by time. The reward is not always instant. Act. Be patient.

For All Of Us

Dare. Start. Act despite the challenge. Every bit you do matters. If not now, then later. Some sow, others are catalysts and others will join the movement later.

Dare. Start.

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