There has never been a time in history that leaders have been this under scrutiny. Information technology has undermined privacy to the benefit of the masses, in some regard. Scandalous dealings are unveiling and broadcasted to the entire world almost immediately.

Political leaders and celebrities already have the attention of many. Social media magnifies their platforms, making them even more visible.

Thus, we’re more aware of the promises and failures of our leaders. Our awareness allows us to criticize the way the celebrities live their lives. It is a lot easier to see the lack of integrity those we put in office to govern, have. Leaders’ actions are visible for all of us to see.

We are very vocal about how they’re bringing our countries to ruin. Shady deals, bribery, deceit and corruption come to the fore and dominate our news feeds.

“How on earth could they do such things? How do they sleep at night? Do they still have a conscience? I’d never do such a thing? Where is integrity? Politics is a dirty game… It is sad to see some of the role models these young people have; no morals whatsoever…”

These are some of the typical utterances we make…

We fear that we’re witnessing the death of integrity and all that’s right. The demise of humanity. The apocalypse.Yet we’re a part of the problem…

The sad truth is that we’re all to blame. I’m not saying that the corrupt are right. I’m just saying from time to time we’re all guilty of some of the things we accuse others of.

While we say the politicians have no integrity, we go ahead and lie. We bemoan the lack of respect for the law when we’re confronted with heinous crimes yet break the speed limit. Are we not also breaking the same law; perpetuating a disdain for the constitution we expect every citizen to uphold.

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Others’ actions are more visible. Because of this, they are the ones crucified.

One of the problems is that we don’t get caught. Not being caught breaking the law doesn’t mean you’re a good citizen. It means you’re a criminal that hasn’t been caught.

It means that you’re contributing to the death of integrity and your nation as much as all ‘evil-self-serving’, so called leaders.

When you do wrong you give permission to others to do wrong. People are always looking for permission or excuses to do the wrong thing. We sometimes act like immature kids who justify their wrongdoing by others’ wrongdoing.

It is not valid to say you did something wrong because someone else was doing it. I can prove it… Chances are, you’ve followed someone driving above the speed limit because the cops will get the ‘maniac first’. Right?

It’s time for everyone to do the right thing. Let’s give each other permission to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Integrity is not going over the speed limit not even by a mile.

It means telling the truth even if it inconveniences you. Let’s stop acting like it’s never us… Like we’re never part of the problem.

Again, I’m not saying those who are doing wrong are right. I’m saying we must be careful not to overlook our contributions. We must not take our small crimes as more acceptable than the more visible ones of those in the public eye.

A stitch in time saves nine. By not playing your part in declaring some income, you’re as good as the celebrities who’ve been slapped with charges of tax evasion. Both of you are robbing the state. The difference may be the amounts.

Remember: the amount, no matter how small does not make anything right. Theft is theft no matter how small.

“It’s Never Us”; the death of integrity and all that’s right. Can we get real and not act like it’s never us…

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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