Life can be full of drama. You can be so busy living, working, ‘familying’ and many other things that squeeze out other things. This is not a question about what how important the other stuff is. It is just a reminder of how we can go through seasons swept away by different tornadoes. I’ve been on the go recently and one of the things that suffered in the stranglehold of the ‘ings’ was writing. Getting back into it I realise how not writing often hurts.

Writing in the context of journaling and blogging. Because I haven’t written fiction in many years I can’t speak on that front. Perhaps fiction writers can weigh in. However, at some point in this post, I might touch on just general, even fiction writing. Now on to how not writing often hurts.

Getting Back In The Game

It is a battle to ‘get back in the game’. It is hard to write when you haven’t been writing consistently. When I write often I find that I’m more open to ideas. I have a heightened sense of awareness for content. Not writing often hurts in that it usually feels like I’m starting again from scratch.

I suppose the wisdom in this for all of us is write often despite all the ings. At this point I’ve blogged for almost ten years. One of the things I’ve discovered is that it is important to guard that writing time jealously. There was a time I had a daily entry in my diary for writing. I was ruthless with these personal appointments.

No Reflection

One of the others way not writing hurts is a lack of reflection. Writing is a tool of reflection for me. It forces me to think, as well as think about what I’m thinking about. Writing forces me to slow down.

A life without reflection or slowing down can be unpleasant. The cliché, ‘stop and smell the flowers…’ is a true. Uncontrolled speed can rob us of some of the moments that help us appreciate life.

When we can’t see the moments that others seem to appreciate it may just be that we haven’t created pit stops. Writing is one way of creating pit stops. A life with no reflection can be riddled with sadness. Life can get bleak not because we don’t have the moments or highlights but because we’re moving too fast to recognise them.

Not writing often, hurts me, and, it could also have the same effect on you.


As intimated earlier, I think not writing often hurts fiction writers as well. This is because regardless of form, writing is also a creative outlet. Not doing something about what we’re passionate about, or love doing, causes us to wither on the inside.

There are few things, if any, that can give us the same joy as things we love doing. You might want to read, “Not Doing Something You’re Passionate About Is Killing You“.

The Other Stuff

As I get to the end of this post I realise that in some ways, we could substitute writing for other things. We’re not all wired the same way. We all process differently, with different outlets. For me, writing is important.

Not writing often, hurts.

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  1. “Familying” is a good verb! I like that! I recently got in to good routine of writing after my ‘familying’ time is over. When all my duties are done and the kids are in bed, I can focus for a couple of hours before I start counting how many hours I have before I have to wake up. I agree with consistency. I can relate to it with my cycling training. Having a ‘break’ for a few days can make it so much harder to start again. I also find the quality of writing is a lot more refined when you are ‘in it’ than after a long break. Good post Blessing!

    1. Thanks… I must say I’ve enjoyed reading some of the fruit of your work. (Sorry I haven’t been as good as you in leaving comments). However, there is wisdom in what you share. Writing, and other things cannot come at the price of other important things. Thanks for the reminder: everything important in its space and place — everything planned for.