How Not Writing Often Hurts You

2 thoughts on “How Not Writing Often Hurts You”

  1. “Familying” is a good verb! I like that! I recently got in to good routine of writing after my ‘familying’ time is over. When all my duties are done and the kids are in bed, I can focus for a couple of hours before I start counting how many hours I have before I have to wake up. I agree with consistency. I can relate to it with my cycling training. Having a ‘break’ for a few days can make it so much harder to start again. I also find the quality of writing is a lot more refined when you are ‘in it’ than after a long break. Good post Blessing!

    1. Thanks… I must say I’ve enjoyed reading some of the fruit of your work. (Sorry I haven’t been as good as you in leaving comments). However, there is wisdom in what you share. Writing, and other things cannot come at the price of other important things. Thanks for the reminder: everything important in its space and place — everything planned for.

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