This Is What Makes Books Great For Me

4 thoughts on “This Is What Makes Books Great For Me”

  1. I enjoy books that have pictures! At least on the cover anyway. I read my first 300+ page at 12yrs old that didnt have any pictures except for the chapter numbers. It had a really cool pattern for each chapter number and a mouse next to it and an awesome map at the start. The book was called Mossflower by Brian Jacques. I guess what captivated with that book and all the books I read is that it kept leading me somewhere that I felt interested to go. Even with the leadership books I read, I can easily spot when the author is rambling on about nothing. On the other hand, I like it when it takes a long time to get to the point if what he is talking about is engaging. I love it when things tie up or when you start asking questions before he got to the point and you later discover that the questions you asked get answered. I hate reading books that you feel the author is shouting at you. Like you in trouble with every line you read. I got halfway through a decent read and this started happening and I got a little put off. There were good nuggets in that book but I didnt enjoy the process of having to dig deeper to get more out of it, alas I gave in to the rebellion and put the book away.

    1. Pictures! How did I leave that out?! I also love books with pictures. Literal pictures or metaphorical. You know, engaging imagination.

      I also hate being shouted at. When I read a book I want to feel like a friend is talking to me, so tone is important. But pictures… Good one! Pictures for the win!

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