Olympia Cafe [#DP365]

Olympia café… Had no idea you had to look up on the wall for the menu. I thought the service culture was bad till I asked around and saw the regulars.

Menu up in the wall and we had no idea and also had no idea you had to go looking for the waiter when you were ready.

A reminder: never make judgement calls by imposing other contexts onto another.

I did get A TON of writing done though :-)

Fight For Attention [#DP365]

Say, “Hi” to Lucy. She seems to be wondering why my hands have moved from scratching / patting her to this thing in front of me.

She trying to get in front of me, as if I don’t see her…

A reminder: we have limited attention for limited time. Attention is a commodity, with which we trade for productivity and subsequent results of it.

How’s your attention budget and it’s actual distribution?

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Blogging Again [#DP365]


Besides my short form blogging through Pressgram, I’m getting back onto my ‘serious’ long form blogging seat. Blogging helps me reflect and grow.

It is my ‘public journal’ and also serves a “note-to-self”. I love blogging

Something that helps me process for my growth first and others second. Not selfishness; just a fact.

Is there anything that you’re getting back into the rhythm of doing?


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Garden And Late Sunsets [#DP365]

Almost 8pm but still able to sit in garden. Another great late sunset…

Slowing down, reflecting and resting is always necessary for rejuvenation.

Finding and or creating time for some quiet makes for clarity in thinking and takes away the anxiety of rushing through life.

Find and or create a place and space for quiet.

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