Fender Jam [#DP365]

Haven’t jammed for a while… Had fun jamming a little… A reminder to make space for things that fill me up. Maybe should get back to playing guitar. What fills you up and do you have a plan to make it happen… Published via <a href=’http://pressgr.am’>Pressgram</a> Continue reading Fender Jam [#DP365]

Blogging Again [#DP365]

  Besides my short form blogging through Pressgram, I’m getting back onto my ‘serious’ long form blogging seat. Blogging helps me reflect and grow. It is my ‘public journal’ and also serves a “note-to-self”. I love blogging… Something that helps me process for my growth first and others second. Not selfishness; just a fact. Is … Continue reading Blogging Again [#DP365]