“Hello from the other side” is a string of words I thought I’d feature on my blog. In particular, in context of Adele. I’m not a fan Adele’s sad songs. She’s a great singer. I’ll be the first to buy a happy song from her; let me know if that happens.

So, I’m not a fan of Adele’s blues but  I am a Star Wars one. I’d never heard of Alex Boyé, until he took the work of an artist I don’t like and a film series I like, and mashed it. So, I just got introduced to Alex Boyé…

Alex says, “Both of my parents were born in Nigeria, and I lived there for several years of my early childhood… But even with that strong Nigerian background, I never focused on the African culture in any of my music before. For years, my mother urged me to put some African influence into my music, but I kept insisting that it wasn’t a commercially viable genre.”

An interesting play with Star Wars and Hello [from the other side]. The internet can be a nasty place; some people dissed Alex for using Star Wars as a marketing ploy. Star Wars, The Force Awakens, starts showing at cinemas around the world, this week. Some criticise Alex for taking advantage for views.

I think it’s genius. Watching the images in this cover, while enjoying the music, of course, got me thinking “Hello, from the other side! This could be a conversation we have with ourselves!” This is a play on Star Wars, but there is some truth to note.

Boyé’s rendition, with the visuals in particular, reminded me about how we can be different people at the same time. I’m not talking about issues of integrity, but how we can wrestle with who we are and how treat ourselves.

It is possible to be fractured. Out of touch with ourselves.

[Tweet “Anything we can do to other people in relationships, we can do to ourselves”]

Have you ever thought about your relationship with yourself? We can love deeply and be happy for others. At the same time we can be unforgiving and merciless.

Have you ever thought about saying, “Sorry, I forgive you…” to yourself? Maybe it’s been a while since you got in touch with yourself. Checked in with yourself and said things you need to say. Perhaps there are things you need to hear yourself say. I’m not talking about being cruel.

There are times it is easier to be kinder to others than ourselves. How we deal with failure can be a factor. Despite reason(s) you may have, being unfair to yourself is not worth it. Sometimes the greatest injustice is one we inflict on ourselves.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but:

Take a cue from Adele, dial your number and say, “hello from the other side…”


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