Trust me, you don’t want to be that leader. The stagnant, self-sabotaging and ineffective leader. You know the leader who doesn’t lead well, because he or she doesn’t lead himself or herself well? You don’t want to be that leader that’s not growing

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In leading yourself, as a leader, there is no silver bullet when it comes to leading well. It is not about doing one thing well. It’s a matrix of things that define leaders and their effectiveness.

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The good and bad thing is a leader’s growth is connected to the growth of his or her enterprise. There are many factors for successful organisations; growing leaders are a critical part. And, the following is one attribute critical for growing leaders:


Humility is a leader saying, “I know enough to know that I don’t know it all, neither am I all it takes”. Leaders who have attained the “don’t-take-no-advice heights” are heading for a crash and taking their enterprise with them.

Pride is like the bulletproof vest of advice. It block out any reasoning and potentially enriching perspectives from other leaders and those being led. Humility is a welcome mat at the leader’s door.

If you’re going to grow as a leader you must place little stock on your ego. Love your mission enough to kill your ego for it.

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Humility says, “Teach me” and is not always quick to say, “I’ll show you”. Humility creates an environment for learning that pride will never.

Note To Self

Time for a self-check… Does your ego make you inaccessible? What have you been ’saying’ most lately: “Teach me”  Or “I’ll show you”?

Lead yourself well. Be intentional on growing yourself for your sake and that of the team / enterprise you lead. Lead well.

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