Perceptions inform our reality. <WAFFLE> “Our reality” is not necessarily (true) reality itself. Thus perceptions can influence how you experience what you perveice to be real. </WAFFLE> They are not reality per se. In leading ourselves and others, there will always be the challenge of differentiating perceived reality and reality itself.

The danger of deceiving ourselves is always real. The most detrimental lies are usually the ones we tell ourselves. Those things we convince ourselves, and others, to be true. Truth is truth. Our view and acceptance of it, determines how we will fare.

It impacts whether our leadership addresses real challenges and, in the end the right solutions. Most of our limitations start with our perceptions. Being honest with ourselves is how we address self and others-deception. That is, if we haven’t deceived ourselves into thinking we are not deceiving ourselves.

alternate reality

The truth: there are times we know we know we’re in denial. There are times we would rather have reality a different way and we do our best to lie to ourselves. It takes courage to lead yourself honestly. To be honest about your shortcomings, the demands of your environment and steps you need to be taking.


There is another option: Alternate Reality. This “reality” is, at the least, a double-edged sword. You can translate “alternate reality” by deceiving yourself (and those you lead). By seeing truth and justifying, or putting forward an untruthful “why”.

Thus reality is seen and said for what it is but the reason for it is distorted. Great leaders are not spin doctors. There is no integrity in that. Great leaders are honest about present reality. Not only that, they are also honest about the why.

Their honesty may be a knock in the present but is a great integrity deposit for the long term. Be honest now and a more devastating character dent in the future.


Another option to go by is being honest about reality and being upfront about creating the alternate one. It means you’re honest about the present reality and the reasons for it. However, it doesn’t end there. You go on to state in word and deed redefining it.

Seeing things as they are, not denying why they are and redefining them. That is the essence of leadership [Click to Tweet]

Leadership is about this second option of alternate reality… You cannot change what you’re not willing to accept as needing change. Leadership is about readefining reality, for a greater one. This involves shattering the status quo.

All this, hopefully understood, is for every leader to grapple with…

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