There is no silver bullet, but there are key components or ingredients to building great enterprises. Another key important to great enterprises is great leadership. Great, relevant, innovative and effective leadership can only be by virtue of growing leaders.

Humility is one of the key ingredients. I wrote about it in this post.

Another attribute for growing leaders is curiosity. Humility and curiosity make a great combo for continuing growth. 

Curious | Attributes Of Growing Leaders:


Eager to know or learn something

Eager to investigate and learn or learn more

Growing leaders are curious. Curiosity is an acknowledgement that there is still more to learn and discover. Curiosity says there is still a great reservoir of wonder that will feed innovation.

Curiosity has to do with more than just wondering but exploring the correct “what ifs”. It goes beyond mental exercise but an active pursuit for “fresh, new and different”.

Leaders have to continually tinker with their mindsets, perspectives and approaches to leadership. They must actively wonder about how changes in their own lives can not only make them better people but greater leaders.

Curiosity is devoid of ‘learning apathy’. In fact, curiosity is aggressive in learning and the pursuit of learning. Curiosity seeks out new information and tries to make it relevant to context. It says, “what is this?” and “does it matter to me and my enterprise?” It says, “If it matters how does it best fit into who we are and what we do?”

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Perhaps your growth as a leader is slower, because your curiosity and humility have waned. This may sound like repetition but what the heck…

Curiosity is never a default disposition but an intentionally built and guarded trait. Pick up a book. Ask yourself and your team questions all leaders must ask.

Ask great questions, another learned trait. If you’re going to grow as leader, it is time to get curious!

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